“Inspiring Professional Lifelong Excellence in ICT Teacher Development”- project developed through the Leonardo da Vinci Programme– Transfer of innovation


1.          A project developed during   2008-2010

2.         The partner institutions:

- Digipro Computer Consultants LTD (promotor) - Cyprus

- Ellinogermaniki AgogiGreece

- Casa Corpului Didactic Cluj - România

- Rocca al Mare Kool -  Estonia


1.            The project’s aim: to introduce at primary school level the FUNecole Platform by training the primary school teachers in using and developing the ICT teaching methods (

2.            The target group: primary school teachers


The Role of The Teachers’ Training Centre in Inspire-ICT Project


  1. To assure the training of master teachers and teachers for implementing new forms of learning based on ICT skills
  2.  To apply the FUNecole platform for the first year in 5 schools, for 100 students
  3. To translate, adapt and innovate the provided curriculum to Romanian specific culture and educational system
  4.  To organize dissemination workshops for promoting the FUNecole curriculum in Romania


FUNecole Educational Platform Presentation





  1. Project management
  2. Analysis of the users needs
  3. Translation and adaptation of The FUNecole Educational Platform
  4. Training the Trainers and FUNecole Curriculum implementation
  5. Dissemination of the activities and results of the project
  6. Evaluation  of the activities and results of the project
  7. Valorization of the project